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Raiding GUPRS for the Doctor Who rpg

I've fiddled with & expanded the tech levels for the Doctor Who rpg, including fleshing out human technology in future eras. Behind the cut for those who actually care:

0: Stone Age (Prehistory)
- Counting
- Oral Tradition
- Skis, Dogsleds, dugout canoes
- Wooden & stone weapons, primitive shields, hides for armor
- Human muscle power, dogs
- Crude first aid (sans hygienics), herbal remedies, primitive agriculture

1: Bronze Age (3500-1200 BC)
- Arithmetic
- Writing
- Bare horseback, the wheel (and chariot), ship-building, early sails
- Bronze weapons and armor
- Power from Donkeys, Oxen, and Ponies
- Surgery, animal husbandry, fermentation

2: Iron Age (1200 BC - 600 AD)
- Geometry
- Scrolls
- Saddle, roads, triremes
- Iron weapons, iron armor (including mail), siege engines
- Horse power, water wheels
- Bleeding the sick, chemical remedies

3: Medieval (600s - 15th Century)
- Algebra
- Books
- Stirrups, oceangoing sailing ships (long ships, round ships, etc.)
- Steel weapons, early firearms, plate armor, and castles
- Heavy horses and horse-collars; windmills
- Crude prosthetics, anatomical science

4: Renaissance/Age of the Sail (1450s - early 18th Century)
- Calculus
- Moveable Type
- Stagecoach, three-masted sailing ships, precise navigation
- Muskets & pikes, horse artillery, naval broadsides
- Improved windmills, belt drives, clockwork
- Optical microscopes make cells visible

5: Industrial Revolution (1730s - 1880s)
- Mechanical Calculator
- Telegraph
- Steam locomotives, steam boats, early submersibles, balloons and early airships
- Early repeating small arms, rifled cannon, iron-clads
- Steam engines, direct current, and batteries
- Germ theory, safe anesthetics, vaccines

6: Mechanized Age (1880s - 1930s)
- Electric calculators
- Telephone & radio
- Automobiles, continental railways, ocean liners, submarines, aircraft
- Smokeless powder, automatic weapons, tanks, combat aircraft
- Steam turbines, internal combustion, alternating current, and hydroelectricity
- Antibiotics, blood typing and safe transfusions, heredity, biochemistry

7: Nuclear Age (1940s-1980s)
- Mainframe Computers
- Television
- Nuclear submarines, jet aircraft, helicopters, manned space flight
- Ballistic body armor, guided munitions, combat jets, nuclear weapons
- Gas turbines, fission, solar power
- Discovery of DNA, organ transplants, pacemakers

8: Digital Age (1980s-2030s)
- Personal Computers
- Global Networks
- Satellite navigations, SSTO spacecraft
- Smart guns, blinding lasers, unmanned combat vehicles
- Fuel cells, advanced batteries
- Genetically modified organisms, gene therapy, cloning

9: Microtech Age (2030s - 23rd Century)
- Artificial Intelligence
- Real Time Virtuality
- Robot cars, space elevators, Interplanetary Travel & Colonization
- Electrolasers, heavy laser weapons, battlesuits, combat robots, designer viruses
- Micro fuel cells, deuterium-hydrogen fusion, high temperature superconductors
- Human genetic engineering, tissue engineering, artificial wombs, cybernetic implants

10: Robotic/Interstellar Age (24th Century - 43rd Century: Cyber Wars and the First & Second Great and Bountiful Human Empires)
- Interstellar space flight
- Compact laser & heavy particle-beam weapons; Gauss guns; nanotech armor, nano-viruses, antimatter bombs
- Force-fields, nuclear dampers
- Helium-3 fusion, antimatter, portable fusion (late in this Age)
- Brain transplants, uploading (with a dedicated processor), bioroids, and uplifted animals

11: Dimensional Age/Transhumanism (43rd Century on up through Earth history - Third Great and Bountiful Human Empire, 51st Century Time Agency, Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire)
- Matter transmission, time vortex discovery & manipulation (allowing for fast intergalactic space flight)
- Compact particle-beam weapons, disassemblers, defensive nanites, and disintegrators
- Portable antimatter power, broadcast power
- Living machines, cellular rejuvenation, limitless human/alien/animal engineering & cross-breeding, uploading as pure transmittable data
- Dyson Spheres

12: Advanced Time Faring (Daleks, Post-Earth Human Inheritor-races, lower end of Time Lord tech)
- Gravitic/Celestial/Molecular Engineering (building Solar Systems as easily as new atoms - same Unified Field principles in play)
- Gamma-ray lasers, "living metal" armor, black-hole bombs
- "Cosmic Energy" (such as Daleks fueled by Vortex radiation)
- Contact-based super cures ("GIVE ME THE CURES TO EVERY DISEASE!")
- Ring-worlds, Rigid Dysons Spheres

13: Clarke's Law (most Time Lord tech)
- Single zero-point remote fuel source (Eye of Harmony - without it the TARDIS is fueled via tl:12 cosmic energy pit stops)
- Space-Time/Dimensional weaving to virtually unlimited degrees (time-window interface, pocket dimensions, paradox repair, parallel universe access, etc)
- Bestow & Remove “powers” like regeneration, psionics, psychokinetics, thermokinetics, vitakinetics, etc on a genetic level

14: Transcendent Beings (Eternals, Guardians, Pantheons of Discord, etc)
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